Thursday, October 26, 2017

fB Friend Conversation Poll: Explained

so fB’s move to taking steps to treat public and private events differently, it has jus another layer of “wool over the eyes”. when a lot of us 1st created our profiles & saw the power of reaching distant family & friends, fB was great. it even introduced meeting new associations thru online games, personal hobbies & other “social” means. it had privacy. but when you posted “public”, you saw all posts from your friends or you were notified that they posted.

is there more to fB than the general people know? YES! is fB monitored for more than 1 reason? YES! what are those reasons? more than i can explain in this 1 article or conversation. there’s mad history involved & a lot to cover. jus for starters… i’m gonna explain some things & i will provide links to prove my knowledge on these things. follow me…. the rabbit hole gets deep & interestin….

so this is what they tell ya: The 10 Companies That Tried To Buy Facebook  & What does Facebook own? this is good information because you get to learn things about fB that you never would’ve considered. it is also interesting to see who was interested in fB. so if you follow the bread crumbs, you eventually come to learn Who OWNS Facebook?

Jazz…. why the hell is that important? & what the hell are you explainin this bullshit for?

when you get to know the names behind fB, things get interestin… a lot of these names you have no clue about. you know nothin of the histories of these names. hence, you don’t know what they are not telling ya. for me to take this further, to most, i will sound like the “label” created in 1967 - Conspiracy Theorist.

conspiracy theorists USED TO be accepted as normal. democracy and free market capitalism were founded on conspiracy theories. America and Western Civilization as a whole was founded on a conspiracy theory. the Magna Carta, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and other founding Western documents were based on conspiracy theories. Greek democracy and free market capitalism were also based on conspiracy theories. but those were the bad old days. That all changed in the 1960s.

the CIA wrote a dispatch which coined the term “conspiracy theories” … and recommended methods for discrediting such theories. the dispatch was marked “psych” –  short for “psychological operations” or disinformation –  and “CS” for the CIA’s “Clandestine Services” unit.

i had to explain that background of that term…. what do i know??? the truth in HIStory. the links i’ve provided are some “crumbs” to follow, but only if you are interested in discoverin truth. i’ve only been postin truths in bits & pieces on fB & have been noticin things.

Friday, September 28, 2012

God Is A DJ by DJ-JDL (House Mix)

God Is A DJ by DJ-JDL (House Mix)

He has been called 'The Preacherman' for some of his 'Soulful' play. Taking you deeper, "J.D.L." releases a powerful energy that will show you enlightenment. This is brought to you courtesy of ACE: Productions.

Released on both and Soundcloud, ACE: Productions has expanded the exposure of "J.D.L." And with a streaming mini-mix on Mixcloud, the WRMS resident DJ/host is expanding his name across the globe, online. Being a veteran DJ that began his roots as a local DJ in New York and northern New Jersey, he remembers a time when this was all a dream to reach such a broad audience.

"It was 1988... I was in high school, when I thought, 'how dope it would be for me to have my own radio show where I could have people groove to MY groove.' In 2009, I saw how there was a possibility of this happening. Given the chance, I aired in January 2010. It's now what...?? October 2012? And I've been expanded to 3 new web locations??? I would have never thought it possible... and I am thankful that my vision has become the vision of those that listen and follow." - "J.D.L."

Of course, he has had opportunities that allowed him to play outside of his origins. He has played in various clubs in North and South Carolina, California, Florida and even played in Okinawa, Japan. These opportunities helped him realize his potential.

"It was after leaving the place I called "home" and saw what I was able to do to people who were NOT from "home". Those experiences are what drive me to play what I play. Just seeing people from all walks of life and different regions of the globe, enjoying what and how I play... besides my love of the music I play, THAT'S why I will not change what I'm doing nor how I play what I play when I'm playing."

Stay tuned to the links, because the party never stops!

Links to hear what "J.D.L." is playing:
JDL's WRMS Radio Mix Show

Friday, August 31, 2012

September Soundcloud Mix: Summer Mix II by "J.D.L."

September Soundcloud Mix: Summer Mix II by "J.D.L."

ACE: Productions spreads the "J.D.L." sound to other online locations still providing FREE downloads! Be sure to check out the additional mixes! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

WRMS Earns 1,000 Downloads In 80 Days

Every good start-up (company, organization or group) has goals to reach and along the way they come across achievements in which they are usually caught off-guard by; ACE: Productions is no different.

In January 2010, the company invested in an idea of an online radio show that was to be hosted by "J.D.L.". Upon launching this 'idea', they were faced with the fact that his ("J.D.L.") fan base was primarily local to a small band of friends. As expected, people tuning in would be minimal at best. the projected listeners for the first 6 months were 100. This was surpassed in July of the same year to a surprising 368 listeners. By the years end, the show had obtained over 960 listeners. This secured that the show was going to continue to air in the upcoming year.

It was October 2011 that the next achievement occurred when WRMS aired its 50th episode followed by another astounding achievement at the year's end. Over 19,000 listeners, world wide, had tuned to listen, download and subscribe to the show. This was an astounding discovery and even more so that as of June 2012, ACE: Productions reports that the show has acquired over 15,000 listeners/subscribers.

Now that this fan base has grown phenomenally, there was a new discovery. On June 29th, one of the episodes has reached over 1,000 downloads in 80 days with a few others on the rise to achieve the same. This has been great news as they had just expanded an extension for "J.D.L." on Mixcloud to further assist his fan base growth. They have also just launched a Soundcloud page to syndicate downloadable, past WRMS episodes.

With WRMS leading the way in achievements, they are expecting similar results from the new 'cloud' locations.

Friday, June 29, 2012

HOUSE Is 4 Weirdos Only

HOUSE Is 4 Weirdos Only

This is an UNCUT party mix by "J.D.L." being re-released from the WRMS Radio Mix Show. This was the 1st ever 'mini-series' mix on the show & it became an automatic classic in 2010. Due to the success "J.D.L." is having with the show, we felt an uncut, re-release was in order. To download this mix will take some time as it is the FULL mix. This is brought to you courtesy of ACE: Productions.

ACE: Productions

ACE: Productions

ACE: Productions is a small, independent, music production company that conducts business with independent artists that are serious and passionate about their career. Artist development, studio services (mixing and mastering only), promotional campaigns, digital distribution/podcasting and publishing are the services we provide. Overseeing the WRMS Radio Mix Show project has been a wonderful experience since its launch in 2010. This is an extension of WRMS where we will re-release UNCUT versions of episodes no longer available on the WRMS server.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ACE: Productions and WRMS online radio have released: Exclusive Promo Campaign!

For the serious artist or band that wants to have their music heard by an audience that they never thought of.

Many independent artist are working hard to have their music be heard in today's music industry. With so many outlets, it's difficult to know which one is going to give them not only the exposure they are looking for, but also present them to the audience with a more personable approach and direct traffic to their (the artist's) web location(s). Another aspect of an artist's exposure is presentation. How many times have you went to listen to an artist's new release and the sound quality was not good? This is a 'turn-off' for a new listener and they usually don't want to hear anything else by that artist. Another thing that the new artist faces is costs. To run a promotional campaign that will reach a general mass can cost as little as free but also well into the thousands of dollars. Free is always good, but it brings a lot of work on the artist's behalf and they must be knowledgeable of all the aspects of free promotion in today's world of music promoting (i.e. web locations, web programming languages, search engine optimization). This can be overwhelming and discouraging.
JDL's WRMS Radio Mix

As with everything in the entertainment industry, there is a price to pay. ACE: Productions understands this and has came up with an ideal way for artists to have a short-term promotional campaign at an affordable price plus additional offered services (that include mixing and mastering) at additional pricing. The object here is not to just take an artist's money and play their music, but more of a personable relationship building process that will enhance the artist's presentation. ACE: Productions currently sponsors an online radio show that already has not only an online presence but it also has influence. At the start of 2012, January 4th to be exact, the WRMS radio show had achieved over 19,000 listeners worldwide with a subscriber fan base of over 9,000 in the 2011 year. Today, five months later, the show has achieved over 13,700 listeners worldwide with a subscriber fan base of over 9,300. With a constant growth of listeners such as this, the artist has the chance to reach a new line of fans that they would have never known about on their own.
Jesse Arrington and "J.D.L." spinning at Sensory Overload '07, Tampa, FL
The show has already featured several other DJs (besides "J.D.L.") in the past and the success rate has opened doors for them. One of the first to be featured on the show was Jesse Arrington back in April of 2010, during the first year. It was the first of many appearances that year by Jesse on the show. Both "J.D.L." and him played many events and clubs together as a 'back-2-back' lineup. But it was shortly after being featured on WRMS,  Jesse began his own podcast show and it has been doing just as well. With his Progressive House melodies, he has also taken his audience by storm and takes them on a journey through Transmissions. 

"I have been listening to the WRMS Radio show on Podomatic for the last two years. JDL’s show has inspired me to start my own shows on Podomatic and share with the world all the wonderful music that we are graced with. He brings the best of classics with all the newest chart toppers in brilliant, heart pumping sets, which always go down with his listeners.  He has all bases covered from Deep House to grinding Drum & Bass with massive bass & smooth mixes. I highly recommend the WRMS Radio show to anyone who loves EDM. Top Notch!!! =)" - Jesse Arrington
Soundcloud avatar

DJ Starr Junkie, from Colorado Springs, CO, was featured on the show in August of 2011. As a female DJ, she brings a rather colorful and uniqueness to the table. With her polished mixes sprinkled with some 'out-of-the-box' intros and segment samples that play during her mix, she really keeps her listeners interested; as in "what will she throw in now?" Interestingly enough, she became a follower of "J.D.L." and asked for critiques in order to enhance her skills. With her continued practice and diligence of perfecting her craft and after being featured on the show, she has been playing in various local events in her area since her debut. 

"Basically, the WRMS show fits in as career a saver for me personally! It has only been two years since I'd started mixing on the Pioneer's CDJs, but I had a lot of growth on the turntables.... At that time, here in Colorado Springs, I was just beginning to ask around to play at some local and Denver nite clubs. I would get shows, but not on a large scale. So I practiced A LOT! And, I got better... I have become more confident through hard work, and in asking for shows. It wasn't until the WRMS show featured my set, that the bookings REALLY got started! I was so excited to be a part of something big! The devoted listeners of the WRMS show would now get to hear me play! So I passed the show link around via Facebook to friends and family. They liked the show, and passed it around to people they knew. Soon enough, I started getting calls for larger shows from promoters I'd not yet met! I'm absolutely bewildered how the show keeps growing and growing. It is an amazing thing when a show has the ability to not only keep it's listeners, but bring people together across nations through music. BOOM ON BABY!" - Starr Junkie 

WRMS also featured Richard "DRACHIR" Santana this year in April. He blessed the airwaves with an astonishing Chill/House mix. He also is a song writer that has the most laid back influence. Some of of his originals sound like music you would hear on a movie sound track.
Check out the mix! Click here
"WRMS has inspired me to mix to a higher level... Me being in that line up of those Awesome DJ's has made me develope a hunger to make another mix. And all the listeners have gave me all that love for me to climb the chart. No doubt I will be back again to give that love back." - DRACHIR

ACE: Productions does not promise an 'over night' success or a massive growth in fan base, but an opportunity of exposure to a wide spread audience. Any artist who is serious can see the advantages this could have on their career and open up many other possibilities they never considered before.